Gulf is Michelle’s debut poetry chapbook. It’s published by Yavanika Press, 2021. Multiple poems in this book were longlisted for the TOTO prize for creative writing 2021. Each poem in this chapbook addresses the word ‘Gulf’ in its own way as the poet endeavours to make sense of her place in a world fraught with the universal feelings of being lost, rejected, and alienated.

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Her fiction, poetry and author interviews have appeared in over 50 online journals.

You will find links to selected works below.

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The Letters– Bengaluru Review


You Don’t Step Out Of The House For A Long Time–  Usawa Literary Review

You Swipe Right– Mad In Asia

The Guy Who Could Dance Out of Print 


Flight– Litro UK 


You have a problem– Queen Mob’s Teahouse


Silence –   Eunoia Review (Reprint)


Only If– Aainanagar


We Are Not Alone– The Bombay Review

The Newscaster– The Bactrian Room


The Help– The Bombay Literary Magazine


Re-union– Hackwriters International Journal

The Midnight Act– Lakeview International Journal Of Literature And Arts




Somniloquy- Berfrois

The Bride With No Eyelashes The Woman Inc


The Titanic Phase– Eclectica

The heart that grew– Visual Verse

Seek and you shall find– Vayavya 

Black Magic– Guftugu  

The art of sandwich-making– The Alipore Post


Ken– The Bangalore Review 



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Interview 23- Ellen Rhudy

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