I’m a co-host on the podcast ‘Books and Beyond With Bound’. Season 3 is out now!

Listen to the first episode where Tara and I discuss our reading habits. How reading has helped us overcome reader’s block and cope with the pandemic…

​It was great fun recording with Michelle and Tara, whose love of books and curiosity about writing makes them excellent hosts to discuss literature, art, process and a great deal more. 
Manu Pillai

I have always loved talking to writers about their works. I have conducted many email interviews but nothing beats talking to writers in person. Writing is a mysterious process, and through this podcast, Tara Khandelwal (my co-host) and I try to break it down for you.

Accidentally releasing a book during a global pandemic is an isolating experience, and not one I would recommend to any writer. Podcasts and zoom interactions have therefore been particularly welcome during this time, and Michelle and Tara’s Books and Beyond Podcast was a vibrant and heartening experience. It was like having a lively conversation with friends passionate about reading and I thoroughly enjoyed our free-wheeling interaction. For the space of a short hour, the restrictions of the pandemic faded away as the world of ideas and books and words took centre-stage once again.
-Ira Mukhoty

Tara and I with Arshia Sattar, Scholar and Founder of Sangam House Writers’ Residency

We recorded Season 1 in a studio and it felt surreal to sit across talented writers and ask them questions we wanted to ask them the moment we read their books! Season 2 and 3 are our quarantine editions and we managed to record with our dream authors while working from home! The experience has been extremely rewarding.

Recording with Books and Beyond was a joyous experience – It’s a breath of fresh air, not just in a country like India where books discussion is so limited, but for its own sake anywhere in the world. I look forward to see and hear what mix of experience and novelty, craft, inspiration and fun they bring to their new season.
-Samit Basu

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