Michelle loves to get to know other creatives. She finds out about authors’ creative processes on the author interview podcast Books and Beyond With Bound which is on the charts of 36 countries, has 800k+ listens, and ranks in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally. She is currently recording the fifth season!

Mumbai, 2022

The podcast strives to bridge the gap between the reader and the writer. It also tries to demystify the publishing process by allowing writers to gain access to published authors’ minds and journeys. Being a writer herself, Michelle understands how difficult navigating the publishing world can be. She wants to make it as accessible to writers as possible. She enjoys thoroughly scouting for new authors to feature on the podcast.

She is drawn to stories that break boundaries and challenge her view of storytelling. Every episode is an opportunity for her to learn something new. Creating and sustaining this podcast has shown her the endless creative potential of audio-video platforms. She finds ‘buddy-reading’ with her co-host Tara the most fun.

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