Michelle heads the “Learning” vertical at Bound. She manages mentorship, classes and retreats. She is a passionate creative writing instructor. This page includes information about her classes and mentoring sessions.

Mumbai, 2019


Michelle has upskilled over 4000 writers through webinars, retreats, workshops and mentoring sessions. She has conducted and facilitated writing classes for Bound, Teach for India, Peppercontent, Unherd and Unacademy.

She believes in learning the craft of writing through close reading and analysis of contemporary and classic texts. She steers her sessions through thought-provoking discussions, fun writing prompts, challenging reading exercises and constructive feedback. She has covered topics like-

Non-fiction & Poetry Others
-Experimental Fiction
-Basic Fiction
-Advanced Fiction
-How to Write a Short Story
-Fiction Appreciation: Indian Women Writers
-Blogging and Journaling
-Basic Poetry
-The Art of Interviewing Writers
-How to Review Books

-Ekphrastic Writing
-Submissions to Literary Journals and Publishing Guidance
-Creative solutions to writer problems


Michelle conducts one-on-one mentoring sessions with writers who want to hone their craft over a longer period of time. She helps each writer work on their strengths and weaknesses to create work that surprises them. She loves coaching writers because she knows how solitary writing can be!

A mentor works with a writer on their craft and helps them produce their best work. There comes a point in the writer’s journey when the mentor decides to let go and then hopes that their mentee soars. Her mentees have been published on various platforms.

To apply for a class or mentorship session, reach out:


I’ve been wanting to write a novel for years now but could never get to completing it. However, now, with the help of Bound, and in particular, Michelle D’Costa, I am on my way there. An important aspect of writing Michelle helped me with, is character development. I’ve always had issues with developing believable characters, most of them being flat and one-dimensional. Michelle helped me understand this problem in depth, and find ways to flesh out my characters better. I’m sure she’ll do wonders for you too. Thank you, Michelle.

-Shylin Sam, Associate Editor, Content Services, EY

Michelle is a very warm yet assertive writing mentor. She will point out what works and doesn’t work in your creative writing without mincing words and wasting time. Working with Michelle on a one-to-one level is like drinking a warm, strong cup of coffee and you always feel invigorated and stimulated after. I highly recommend it. Thank you!

-Neharika Gupta, Author, Adulting (HarperCollins India)

Working with Michelle has been an amazing experience. When I had started out, i was near certain I would never reach a point where I could write a complete story, let alone a good one. Michelle has made me truly believe in myself as a writer. She has challenged me in my thinking with prompts and feedback. At the same time she has cultivated a hugely supportive partnership. Her guidance and experience are just the thing a budding writer need!

-Vanshika Sharma, Manager, Learning & Development, Reliance

I signed up for Michelle’s mentorship hoping I would complete my novel’s final draft. But I left with so much more. In writing, there are loads of editors that edit without saying a word. Not Michelle. She helps you understand the inner mechanisms of writing and to use it to your advantage. I learned how to write, edit, and revise my work in more ways than I could imagine. But it wasn’t about the editing alone. The major benefits came from writing assignments, individual feedback, and self-editing.The sessions were both fun and challenging. Michelle’s direct feedback for improving my writing was invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of teaching that connected and inspired me. Someone I would highly recommend for any writing situation.
-Rahul Sharma, Student, BA English, Irvine Valley College, California

I really enjoyed Bound’s fiction writing class. It was well-structured and interactive. I appreciated the quality of the community that participated. The class pushed us to both experiment with styles, and stay true to our own voice.

-Natasha Malpani Oswal, Author & Founder, Boundless media