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 Interview 15: Tishani Doshi

‘The question of biography is endlessly fascinating for readers and endlessly irritating for writers, mostly because I think it implies a lack of imagination. If you admit that you draw from life then it’s thought of as kind of lazy—What? You didn’t make anything up? As if it’s some kind of cut and paste job. Whereas anyone who’s ever written knows that writers are constantly taking from life, theirs or other people’s, and there’s a process during the writing when that gets transformed into something else, and that transformation is the most interesting part of writing. My paternal grandmother died when I was quite young, and as far as I know she never ate a potato in her life. I’m not sure if it’s true, but does it really matter? The poem is its own truth. It goes beyond my grandmother and lands in an entirely different place.’

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(Author photo credit: Peter Åkesson)

Tishani doshi is the author of five books of fiction & poetry. At 26 an encounter with the choreographer Chandralekha led her to an unexpected career in dance. In 2006, her first book of poems, Countries of the Body, won the Forward Prize for best first collection. She is also the recipient of an Eric Gregory Award & winner of the All-India Poetry competition. GIRLS ARE COMING OUT OF THE WOODS, is her third full-length collection. She lives on a beach in Tamil Nadu. www.tishanidoshi.com

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