Michelle enjoys dissecting creative pieces to find out their true potential!

She has been editing for over ten years.

Mumbai, 2022

Literary Magazine Editor

She began by editing for literary magazines like Jaggery Lit Mag. She founded her own magazine, Kaani, in 2018 to build a portfolio of emerging and established talent. She also edits Jotted, Bound’s literary magazine.

Writing Contest Judge

She loves to find emerging talent through contests. Through Bound, she has judged and curated contests for poetry, short fiction, and personal essay.

Book Editor

She is an alumna of the Seagull School of Publishing, Kolkata, 2022. Her editorial eye looks at the bigger picture in a manuscript and then dissects it to understand what will bring out the best potential of the writer. Her expertise lies in poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

In poetry, she has worked on chapbooks and collections.

In fiction, she has evaluated novels and short story collections.

In non-fiction, she has polished memoirs and travelogues.

If you want to get your work edited by her, reach out: