Short Story Sunday #1

Hi friends,

I am starting a new feature on my blog where I share links to fiction I’ve been reading or rereading. It could be classics or fresh fiction off the net from literary magazines. As a writer of short stories, and a creative writing instructor, I am always on the lookout for stories that will stay with me. It only makes me happy to be able to share these stories with others.

The stories for this Sunday are-

  1. Little Lila by Susannah Rand

This story is published online by Strange Horizons, a very popular magazine for speculative fiction. In an endeavour to read more spec fic, I had bookmarked this and scheduled a mail to myself. When it popped up in my inbox, I was caught off guard. I stopped what I was doing and began reading. I found that I could not stop! I just dissected this story with a group of talented writers in my online class and most had the same verdict ‘Shocking’.

Here’s a few lines from it-

She encouraged Lila to look at herself in the mirror. Macy had her own bathroom; Lila shared one with her mother and grandmother. It was the only place with a mirror where Lila could look at herself, which she tended to avoid.

Please adhere to the content warnings at the beginning of the story. Some readers might find it disturbing.

2) The Human Chair by Edogawa Ranpo

This story was shared with me by one of my colleagues. It’s one of those stories that creeps me out when I remember it at the most random times of the day. Super intriguing, makes you want to know what happens next! It is not meant for every kind of reader. Horror/thriller fans will enjoy this more. This led to my reading of more short stories by the author. I’ve figured that Japanese horror is a whole different level of horror, if you haven’t checked it out! Let this be your appetiser 🙂

Here’s a few lines from it-

I am really at a loss as to where to begin, for the facts which I am setting forth are all so grotesquely out of the ordinary. Frankly, words fail me, for human words seem utterly inadequate to sketch all the details. But, nevertheless, I will try to lay bare the events in chronological order, just as they happened.

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