Two literary updates!

  1. My poem The Exploitative Art of Collecting Shells will appear in the climate anthology edited by Vinita Agrawal. I was elated at being invited to submit a poem to the anthology. In 2020, she had edited a climate anthology titled Open Your Eyes which received critical acclaim on several platforms.

I have enjoyed collecting shells from different beaches but recently I came across articles that talk about the harmful nature of collecting empty shells. This motivated the poem and convinced me to stop collecting shells. Will share the link when it’s out!

2. My recent food essay ‘Irani Tikkas and the Taste of a Distant Home‘ which was published by Soup, just got featured in Memoir Monday! It’s one of the most useful newsletters I’ve come across which collates some of the best essays from the web.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so here.

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