Poetry anthology- 40 under 40

Hello folks,

The poetry anthology ’40 under 40- An anthology of post-globalisation poetry’ is co-edited by poets Nabina Das and Semeen Ali.


Blurbs by poets Sudeep Sen and Ravi Shankar.

This anthology includes poems by Arjun Rajendran, Jennifer Robertson, Manjiri Indurkar, Mihir Chitre, Mihir Vatsa, Nandini Dhar, Rohan Chhetri and more.

Rohan Chhetri has won The Great Indian Poetry Collective’s ‘Emerging Poets Prize’ 2015.

His debut collection ‘Slow Startle‘ has recently been launched all over India.

“Everything is at stake here, in sentences that dazzle and console,” writes poet and novelist Jeet Thayil of the debut collection, which he selected out of approximately 100 manuscripts through the Collective’s first annual manuscript contest.

Those who love poetry do check out this anthology.

Here are sample poems of some of the poets mentioned above:

Two poems by Arjun Rajendran

Poems by Manjiri Indurkar

Poems by Nandini Dhar

These are  reviews of the collection available online:

Review 1 in Firstpost

Review 2 in Mid-Day

Review 3 in The Bayside Journal

Review 3 mentions my poem Ambition!

‘There are two poems that must be read because of the writing style they employ.

The first of these is Shelly Bhoil’s untitled work that talks about the reason why we make certain associations with particular words. The stanzas of this poem are fragmented and the words are spread across the pages, written horizontally, vertically, spelt backwards, and separated by space.

The second is Michelle D’costa Ambition, whose stanzas must be read in ascending order to understand the rungs of ambition of a young village boy. However, when the stanzas are read in a descending order, the poem tells the story of the same boy but from the perspective of his troubled mind once he has achieved his dream.’

Read this article by co-editor Nabina Das about the anthology on Scroll.in.



You can buy it from here

Paperwall publisher

Amazon India

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